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          embRACE Committee

          embrace committee header

          Our Mission:Maximize effective engagement of union members of color of diverse cultures, languages and ethnicities.

          Cultivate relationships through group meetings and activities to develop union leadership, mentorship and education opportunities for members of color of diverse cultures, languages and ethnicities.

          Support the mission of SEIU 925 in a nurturing, stable and culturally diverse environment.

          Committee Members:
          Carol Harris, Chair, westwego925@q.com
          Noel Bain,  Co-Chair, nbain@u.washington.edu
          Arnold Prado, Co-Chair, arnold.prado@kingcounty.gov
          Shawn Williams, Secretary
          Otis Smith
          Andrea Shirley-Brown, andrea.deelfaro@yahoo.com
          Lester Roberts, Jr.
          Dani Morton
          Patricia Flores
          Reneschin Brown                     
          Margaret Harrington                                 
          Penny Brooks
          Shirley McElroy-Ray                   
          Lisa Kololkoff
          Nancy Dolan  

          Staff Liaisons:
          Michael Laslett, Organizing Director, mlaslett@seiu925.org

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