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          K-12 and Public Schools

          We are thousands of K-12 and public school workers in K-12 and public school sectors throughout Washington. As para educators, instructional assistants, bus drivers, janitors, mechanics, food service workers, and more we  help our schools operate and provide vital resources to ensure student’s receive what they need to be successful.  We take on leadership activities, keeping our coworkers informed about workplace issues, work together with management to solve problems, represent fellow members in disciplinary hearings, and help coworkers win earned job upgrades.


          Anacortes SD Kalama SD Renton SD 
          Bellevue SD KWRL Transportation Co-op Shoreline SD
            La Center SD Sodexo @ Port Angeles SD
          Bellingham SD Lake Washington SD South Kitsap SD
          Blaine SD Longview SD South Whidbey SD
          Bremerton SD Lynden SD Tukwila SD
          Edmonds SD Marysville SD Vancouver SD
          Everett SD Nooksack Valley SD Vashon Island SD
          Ferndale SD North Kitsap SD Winlock SD
          Issaquah SD  Port Townsend SD  Woodland SD

          Make sure you’re getting all the benefits of being a 925 union member.

          Submit your membership form here.

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