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          Local Government & Nonprofit

          We are employees from the nonprofit sector as well as local government agencies and departments, and together we are the Local Government and Nonprofit Chapter of SEIU Local 925.

          We take on leadership activities, keeping our coworkers informed about workplace issues, work together with management to solve problems, represent fellow members in disciplinary hearings, and help coworkers win earned job upgrades.

          Read your union contract

          King County Master Labor Agreement plus your department:

          Skagit 911, 2016-2019

          Bellingham Housing Authority 2014-2018

          NAS Whidbey Island 2016-2019

          University of Washington Physicians 2018-2019

          WWU-Aramark 2016-2019


          Make sure you’re getting all the benefits of being a 925 union member.
          Submit your membership form here.

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