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          SEIU 925 candidate endorsements 2020

          SEIU 925 members are proud to endorse an emerging cohort of new labor voices who will bring needed real-life experience to Olympia.

          “Too often people in Olympia make decisions that affect us without personal knowledge or consulting with us,” said Keith Allex, a painter with the Bellingham School District and a member of the SEIU 925 Executive Board.  “I’m excited to see people like Alicia Rule and Suzanne Woodard step up to represent us here in Northwest Washington.”

          SEIU 925 is also backing Washington State Nurses Association leader Ingrid Anderson’s challenge to incumbent Mark Mullet (D-Issaquah).  In 2019, Mullet attempted to strip K-12 classified staff of their health insurance and supported a move to interfere with teacher’s collective bargaining.  He also voted against meal and rest breaks for nurses, child care priorities for our union, and against taxing big banks and corporations.

          “We need someone in the senate who’ll stand with working families, and Sen. Mullet has shown he has different priorities,” said Jackie Wheeler, a paraeducator at the Bellevue School District and member of the SEIU 925 Executive Board.  “Now more than ever, we need nurses like Ingrid and working class people in Olympia to help guide our state out of this public health and economic crisis.

          To earn SEIU 925’s endorsement, candidates must complete a questionnaire and sit for an interview with members from their local area.  Candidates must commit to joining a picket line if called upon, and take questions on issues ranging from Washington’s upside down tax system, K-12 education issues, the ongoing child care crisis in our state, housing affordability, racial justice, and more.

          To learn more about the candidates that SEIU 925 has endorsed, continue below:

          Ingrid Anderson for State Senator,5th Legislative District – https://www.ingridforstatesenate.com
          Ingrid Anderson is a nurse and member of the Washington State Nurses Association who is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Mullet for state senate.  Ingrid now serves as a nurse in Overlake Hospital’s psychiatric department, working one on one with some of our most vulnerable neighbors. She has additionally served as a sexual assault nurse examiner for ten years, and is currently completing a master’s degree at Gonzaga to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in order to further serve and support our community.

           As a nurse, she is also a fierce advocate for others – serving as Vice Chair of the Washington State Nurses Association Political Action Committee Board and standing up to powerful stakeholders when they make decisions that negatively impact patients and employees.  She is challenging incumbent Mullet because of his poor record and votes to strip union members of the health insurance and right to collectively bargain.  She has lived in the Snoqualmie Valley for nearly 30 years with her family.

          Suzanne Woodard for State Representative, 10th Legislative District – https://www.suzannewoodard.com 
          Suzanne Woodard is a 38-year neonatal nurse and UFCW 21 member.  Suzanne has worked in local hospitals delivering thousands of babies, and caring for new moms, military families, and seniors through the north Puget Sound region.  As one of a few people trained in neonatal resuscitation in Washington State, she now trains doctors, nurses, and other health care workers in critical neonatal care and other specialized services for newborn, which are skills desperately needed in rural hospitals and other communities far from major care facilities.

          The daughter of local school and city bus drivers, Suzanne’s parents were union members who worked hard and were able to get ahead, and give their own six kids a better future. Suzanne’s five brothers have gone on to serve in the military.  Suzanne’s husband is a member of SEIU 925 in the South Whidbey School District. 

          Clint Bryson for State Representative, 19th Legislative District – https://www.electclintbryson.com/
          Clint Bryson is a life-long resident of southwest Washington and union leader.  In 1991, he began an apprenticeship through the Southwest Washington Electrical Apprenticeship program and later became a Foreman and General Foreman working on many notable jobs in southwest Washington. Clint has lived the union difference in his career.

           He is currently on staff with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 76, where he works on economic development, training opportunities, and worker protections, and is a Trustee for pension and health plans.  He also serves on the Montesano City Council, where he lives with his family and black lab.

          Carrie Hesch for State Representative, 26th Legislative District– https://carriehesch.com/
          Carrier Hesch is a member of Teamsters 117 and a shop steward in the Department of Corrections at the Washington Corrections Center for Women.  Carrie’s experience gives her unique and nuanced insight into our criminal justice system, and she has earned a degree at UW focusing on how communities can be resilient in the face of climate change.  Carrie is also a survivor of domestic violence and is committed to ensuring families have the support resources they need. She currently lives in Gig Harbor with her family, including daughters Helena, who is a local city police officer, and Reigna, a special needs community angel. 

          Liz Berry for State Representative, 36th Legislative District
           – https://lizberry.com/
          Liz Berry is a nonprofit leader and daughter of a public school teacher; she is running to address Washington’s child care crisis.  As the executive director of the Washington State Association for Justice, the state association for trial lawyers, Liz has worked closely with labor leaders across the state to defend our worker’s compensation system, enact new wage theft laws, and other worker protections. 

          In addition, Liz has worked to elect women at every level of government through the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington.  As a working mom with two small kids, she is deeply familiar with the holes in our child care and education system

          Alicia Rule for 42nd District House – https://www.votealiciarule.com/about-alicia/
          Alicia Rule is a 5th generation Whatcom County resident and former SEIU member who is a practicing therapist and social worker.  Her family has roots in a Sumas farm and her mother currently works at PeaceHealth.

          Alicia was a member of SEIU in California, where she was a social worker.  Currently in private practice, she worked to help adoptions, in the schools helping kids who are struggling, support people living with disabilities, children who have been abused, sexual abuse survivors and hospice care. She currently serves on the Blaine City Council. 



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