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          University of Washington

          We are 6,000 employees strong in the University of Washington’s academic and research departments, the UW Medical Center, UW Physicians, Northwest Hospital, and Harborview Medical Center.

          We work together to provide quality education for undergraduates and advanced students, to deliver health care for patients, and to support innovative research by UW’s faculty and research scientists.

          We take on leadership activities, keeping our coworkers informed about workplace issues, work together with management to solve problems, represent fellow members in disciplinary hearings, organize to win public support for our university, and help coworkers win earned job upgrades.

          Chapter officers: 
          Rhonda Johnson, President
          Nancy Manos, Vice President
          Brendan Impson, Secretary

          Your 2019-2021 union contract

          Click here for 2020 bargaining updates


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