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          UW Free Speech Policy

          University of Washington Policy on Free Speech

          *As memorialized in the Washington Administrative Code.

          WAC 478-124-010 Conduct on campus codeGeneral policy.

          It is the policy of the University of Washington to support and promote each individual’s right to express his views and opinions for or against actions or ideas in which he has an interest, to associate freely with others, and to assemble peacefully.

          The above rights exist in equal measure for each member of the university community. They exist regardless of the professional stature or rank of the individual and regardless of the degree of acceptability among others of the views or opinions advocated.

          Then it goes on to say what you can’t do:

          WAC 478-124-020 Conduct on campus codeProhibited conduct.

          (1) In order to safeguard the right of every citizen to criticize and to seek meaningful change, each individual has an obligation to respect the rights of all members of the university community.

          (2) In order to assure those rights to all members of the university community and to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in which the university may continue to make its special contribution to society, the following types of conduct are hereby prohibited on or in property either owned, controlled or operated by the university which is used or set aside for university purposes, hereinafter referred to as the university campus:

          (a) Conduct which intentionally and substantially obstructs or disrupts teaching or freedom of movement or other lawful activities on the university campus;

          (b) Physical abuse of any person or conduct which is intended unlawfully to threaten imminent bodily harm or to endanger the health or safety of any person on the university campus;

          (c) Malicious damage to or malicious misuse of university property, or the property of any person where such property is located on the university campus;

          (d) Refusal to comply with any lawful order to leave the university campus or any portion thereof;

          (e) Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other dangerous weapons or instrumentalities on the university campus, except for authorized university purposes, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the vice president for student affairs, or any other person designated by the president of the university;

          (f) Unlawful possession, use, distribution, or manufacture of alcohol or controlled substances (as defined in chapter 69.50 RCW) on the university campus or during university-sponsored activities;

          (g) Intentionally inciting others to engage immediately in any of the conduct prohibited herein, which incitement leads directly to such conduct. (Inciting is that advocacy which prepares the group addressed for imminent action and steels it to the conduct prohibited herein.)

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